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NCX is a proud distributer of quality printers, PABX systems, software and consumables for a complete office efficiency solution. Having been in business since 2008, we have seen the market change considerably in terms of trends and the type of technology available. The printing needs of companies are constantly evolving as well and we would like to keep you up to date with what’s happening in this industry. Make sure to visit our newsroom often for the latest information and developments.


Communication is the cornerstone to constructing, maintaining, and conducting business. Open channels of communication between all internal Workforce and external Clients and Suppliers create the foundation required to drive forward momentum.

Don’t limit your business

While it might seem that one phoneline is all that is necessary, young businesses soon run into challenges stemming from the initial telephone setup. Complexity grows with added numbers, lines, locations, and a mobile workforce. Trying to keep up via traditional telephony can be difficult, a time-waster and expensive! Losing track can cost you Clients and profits - both current and future. Inefficient internal systems can break Staff-morale, weaken relationships, and let your most valuable asset (the human one) go to waste!


Expand and Grow

Building a sound business communication network ought to be a priority if your business is growing or intends too. Benefits include:

• Minimized Downtime
• Improved convenience and functionality
• Enhanced Productivity
• Cost-Saving
• Better ability to integrate across systems
• Mitigated Risk with built-in security features

PABX: a SME Communication Solution

PABX or PBX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) systems are an approachable solution available to companies of any size and are more affordable than often thought. This modern computerized equipment will link all phones across company locations and all external and internal lines together. PABX brings with it the flexibility to capitalize on automation and move to digitalization even if you are a small business.

PABX System Advantages

• Reduce and eliminate traditional lines and cumbersome infrastructure (including installing copper wires) that accompanies them.
• Allow for variable access, centralized control, and cost-monitoring with call logs and usage reports.
• Allow for calls to be routed and permit the sharing of lines between staff to reduce the number of lines required.
• Facilitate call-forwarding to other phones, call waiting, call conferencing, automatic ringback, sending messages and notifications across a wide range of platforms, and many more revolutionary features.
Can be on-premise or hosted, leverage VoIP and assist in maximizing bandwidth for cost savings.


Maximize your means of Corporate Communication

Increase the benefits of your PABX system with a Yealink handsets, headsets and conference phones. Yealink is Tier 1 company whose forward-thinking intelligent innovation has garnered a host of international awards.


IP Phones

IP phones are the future. NCX offers a wide range of state-of-the-art Yealink IP phones; the series includes enterprise-grade, Gigabit, and touchscreen IP phones.

Integrated IP phones are WiFi and Bluetooth enabled and user-friendly. They are easy to install, simple to configure, and ergonomically designed. IP phones allow for a host of advanced features far beyond traditional phones; these include auto-attendant features, voicemail to email transcription, unified messaging, teleconferencing capability, programmable buttons, and more. For an understanding of what hardware will best meet your requirements contact NCX today.


Yealink Headsets 

Employing a headset gives Staff freedom. Employees can serve Clients better when they aren’t strained. Headsets reduce back and neck pain and assist with multi-tasking (such entering data or searching for information whilst on the phone).

If your business requires headsets, consider Yealink headsets created in collaboration with Plantronics. NCX supplies these full-featured headsets to empower and improve collaboration and connection with their integrated, well-thought quality designs. Both wired and wireless headsets are Bluetooth enabled and compatible for use in conjunction with a wide range of devices.

Yealink Conference Phones

Clear communication is vital in a conference. Yealink’s audio-conferencing devices strike a perfect balance.

They are suitable for any size meeting room as they feature multiple microphone configurations and a six-meter microphone pickup range (which can be extended if needed). Collaborate effectively with the help of Yealink Noise-proof Technology which blocks background distractions. Their excellent design, wide range of features, and ability to be integrated across platforms make them a useful tool in the modern meeting room. *Yealink’s Conference Phones won the Best VoIP Device Award 2019.


Serving your Needs

In a competitive results-driven market; don’t fall behind because lacklustre communication technology is sending the wrong signal. Discover the benefits of PABX (on-site or hosted) and engage with solutions that empower your workforce.

NCX is a multifaceted business serving the needs of small and medium size businesses. We offer printers, PABX, IT, infrastructure solutions, voice and data services, and financing.


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